Create Tripal WS BrAPI Override Call or Call Alias

In some cases, calls from different versions implement the same process carried out by an existing call. To eliminate the need to copy and paste codes, call can point to an existing call and function identical to the source call.

Class definition

class TripalWebServiceBrapiV2Serverinfo extends TripalWebServiceCustomCall {
  // Call parameters as provided in the request url.
  public $call_asset;

  // Override the base class payload key.

  // Keyword used to identify result items.
  // data for most call in BrAPI v1.3 and may vary in newer version.
  protected $call_payload_key = 'call';

  // Call existing and identical call already setup.
  // Declare existing call.
  // module name / char v + major version number / call name.
  // See table below for the actual alias of existing calls in this module.
  public static $is_alias_of = 'tripal_ws_brapi/v1/calls';
  1. To override the $call_payload_key of the source call, set the value of the property $call_payload_key.
  2. Extend the class identical to the type of call of the source call.
  3. Finally, set the source call by specifying the module it is hosted followed by the version number then the call title. For example, the call – mygermplasm that mimics germplasm call, located in tripal_ws_brapi module:


In cases when call wants to point to a search call, add search/ level between version number and the call title.



Ensure correct override configuration settings when implementing an override, by using the exact same call title but is hosted by module external to tripal_ws_module.


When implementing from an external module, prefix the class and class filename with External keyword (see naming class section).

For example:

class ExternalTripalWebServiceBrapiV2Serverinfo extends TripalWebServiceCustomCall

Summary table of existing Tripal WS BrAPI Calls when implementing a call Alias and/or Override:

tripal_ws_brapi Calls Call alias property - $is_alias_of:
v1/calls tripal_ws_brapi/v1/calls
v1/commoncropnames tripal_ws_brapi/v1/commoncropnames
v1/crops tripal_ws_brapi/v1/crops
v1/germplasm tripal_ws_brapi/v1/germplasm
v1/search/germplasm tripal_ws_brapi/v1/search/germplasm
Other calls TO DO.