Configure Tripal Web Service BrAPI Calls


Figure 4 – Configuration page showing call settings.

Every call setup (see setting up calls) that performs a query to a CHADO database table can be configured using this form. This page enables system administrators to create additional restriction or filter criteria based on values stored in columns CHADO.table – type_id column and table. Each select field contains a summarized values from either of the table columns for quick and easy selections. A summary table below this form outlines all restrictions to a call as shown in Figure 4.

A row in the summary table can be interpreted as (from left to right column)


Call, version X, hosted by Y module, titled ABC, restricts its results by type_id/value column, where its type_id value is of type W cv, equals to H cvterm.

To setup a database query filter/restriction to a call.

  1. Select a BrAPI call from the select box.


When a call does not involve querying of data from a database table, such as a custom call, a warning message will pop up instructing user that call cannot implement a query condition.

  1. Each call can either use the column type_id or a property table. Restrict
select field will analyze data stored and decide if it could support either option. Select an available option.
  1. Once a restrict option has been selected, subsequent fields will auto-populate
with relevant values, once again based on values or records stored.
  1. Select option when prompted.


Another field labelled Value will present when restrict is set to property table.

  1. Click Add configuration button to save.
  2. When additional term is required, re-select the same call title. All select
field elements will auto-fill with values that have been previously selected for easy and quick selection. Select additional values.
  1. All configurations will be summarized in the summary table.


Implement the call restriction created when setting up the call. See Setup Tripal WS Call.