Tripal WS BrAPI Call TypesΒΆ

Tripal Web Service BrAPI Call Types: This module structures call into 3 types namely, Custom call, Database call and Search call.

Custom Call Data source can be supplied by user either by typing a list or by defining an array of values. No database table involve.
Database Call Data source comes from a Chado Table and can be configured to restrict result based on the type_id column or value column of the corresponding prop (property) table.
Search Call Similar to Database call, search call operates like a database call except each request undergoes a two-stage process. First it will post a request that will result in a unique id number then the second stage, using the id number returned will produce the response. A log keeps a record of requests made (see Manage Search Request Log).

This modules has built-in calls namely v1/calls, v1/germplasm, v1/crops, v1/commoncropnames and search call v1/search/germplasm, all of these calls can be viewed by requesting using the BrAPI call url structure.

**For example: Host/web-services/brapi/v1/call or host/web-services/brapi/v2/serverinfo **

Apart from these predefined calls mentioned, an external module (hosted by the same Drupal website) can implement a call or override a call without necessarily storing call assets in the same directory as this module, which will enable developers to extend functionality.

See Setup Tripal WS BrAPI Call.