Configure Tripal Web Service BrAPI Module


Figure 2 – Configuration page showing module settings.

Most system variables described can be accessed and modified using this form. Each field item (in all sections) can be described with a help or information text by hovering the mouse pointer on to help (question mark) icons. Click Save configuration button to save changes each time an option is modified.


Clear cache each time when setting menu levels options.

Configuration Use Default Value
Menu Levels An arbitrary levels may be added to request URL as outlined in BrAPI URL structure specifications. See BrAPI URL Structure web-services
Page result limit Limit the number of items/data per page returned by a BrAPI call request 100 items per page
Request methods REST request methods supported. GET and POST
Allow override call In cases where an external module implements a call that is identical in name and version to an existing call, this option will decide which of the two call instances to apply. no – use the local version of the call.