TRIPAL_WS_BRAPI module generates a number of system variables that will give end users technical control over its general operation and call request response mechanism. Upon installation of this module, the following table summarizes all system variables created and the default value each one is set to.

FILE: tripal_ws_brapi/includes/

Summary table showing system variables:

Configuration Use Default Value
$config_ws_brapi Holds the name of the module. To prevent variable name conflict with other modules, all system variables are prefixed with the module name. Do not change
$config_version The default BrAPI version of this implementation. 1.3
$config_resultset_limit Limit the number of items/data per page returned by a BrAPI call request 100 items per page
$config_supported_method REST request methods supported. GET and POST
$cofig_menu_level An arbitrary levels may be added to request URL as outlined in BrAPI URL structure specifications. See BrAPI URL Structure web-services
$config_hook External modules can implement a new call or override existing call through the use of Drupal hooks. The string value of this configuration is used to signal this module that a module is implementing calls. tripal_ws_brapi_call
$config_allow_override_hook In cases where an external module implements a call that is identical in name and version to an existing call, this option will decide which of the two call instances to apply. no – use the local version of the call.

All configuration variables can be modified as desired, except for the module name. Be sure to save your changes before installing the module. Alternatively, most of these system variables can be altered using the configuration page after the installation routine.


Figure 1 – Module configuration page showing all active BrAPI calls and the module each call is hosted. Series of page tabs show sections of this module that can be configured.

Configuration page allows system administrator to set different values to system variables outlined above. In addition, all active BrAPI calls or simply calls, as well as, search request call logs are summarized in this interface. This page can be accessed using:

A. Drupal administration context menu /Tripal/Extensions/Tripal Web Service – BrAPI

Alternatively, copy and paste this URL into the browser’s location bar.

B . host/ admin/tripal/extension/tripalwsbrapi/configure

Sections are laid out in page tabs and are labelled to indicate which part of this module it covers. Each tab as seen in Figure 1, moving from left to right is summarized in the table below.

CONFIGURE TRIPAL WEB SERVICE BRAPI Configure overall module operation such as menu levels, HTTP request methods to support and call override strategy.
BRAPI VERSION Add BrAPI version(s) to support.
BRAPI CALLS Configure call restrictions or filter conditions used by each call when performing queries.
SEARCH REQUEST LOG A summary of all search request made. See BrAPI Search Services